Dressing Up for the Summer

The festival period is upon us once again! Those of you who have booked your tickets to whatever musical event of three day mayhem will probably be thinking about which bits of rubbish, found in your house, can be stuck together to make a costume. I know I am…..As no matter how crap the attempt, it’s always worth a try. If not to look like a lemon for not even attempting to join in, (for an example) Bestival winners and a couple of their mates get free tickets forever (see what I mean?).

So if you’re stuck for a few ideas, here’s a bunch of awesome, and not-so- awesome examples of festival costumes that you can use for inspiration. The Costume Boutique, Prangsta and House of Haynes are a few new companies offering bespoke, hired and adjusted garb to suit every taste including; traditional, period and the downright bizarre.

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