“To the Batmobile!!”

I’ve never been a massive fan of Superhero films. Obviously, I’ve seen a few but I’ve never really gone out of my way to watch any, apart from Batman. There has always been something very cool about Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter-ego. The 60’s TV series (and a couple of fairly camp films in the 90’s) not withstanding, the whole world surrounding Batman has always had a pretty dark edge to it which many of the other characters in the genre seemed to lack. Alongside that, the other thing that stood out was Batman’s ultimate crime-fighting accessory; The Batmobile. I’m probably not alone in thinking that given the opportunity as a billionaire vigilante, the first thing I’d equip myself with would be a vehicle capable of taking gunfire, smashing through walls and generally looking menacing. To coincide with the release of the final Nolan-directed film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Warner Brothers have produced a documentary chronicling the design of one the of the most recognisable vehicles in history. As a fanboy of the caped-crusader’s fleet of cars, I’m looking forward to seeing the full thing.


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