Classic Barbering

Like many, my husband was just a wash-face-with shampoo-in-shower type of guy until a couple of years ago. And, despite the the rise of the metrosexual in the mid nineties and the burst of readily available male grooming products in recent years, tonnes of guys are  still scared of sprucing themselves up a bit.

With the resurgence of heritage in fashion and style, so has been the rise of classic gentlemen barbering. This, I came to discover scouring the net whilst looking for a decent man birthday present. Then I came across Murdock in Covent Garden. Initially looking for grooming products, I found that they offered a full range of barbering services set in a uber cool Victorian interior; leather sofas, boxing gloves, travel chests and maps.  Services include hair styling, traditional luxury wet shaves, scalp massages and shoe polishing. All very manly.

So, dudes, if you fancy treating yourselves, or need to tame that wild moosh for Movember (very good) how about a traditional barbering sesh. You know you want to, and your birds wont mind either.

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