The Art of Shibori at Somerset House

Two of the Goose crew (Fran and Lizzy) went to the Art of Shibori workshop on the 5th of April at Somerset House to discover the Japanese art of fabric manipulation and the transformative qualities of indigo, along with creating their own personalised silk scarf.

Shibori is similar to the western method of tie-dying – but includes the techniques of folding, resisting, tying and stitching fabric prior to dying. The earliest methods of the varying types of Shibori (Kanoko, Miura, Kumo, Nui, Arashi, Itajime to name some) is recorded around the eighth century in Japan. The dye, was initially extracted from plants such as Indigofera, which is native to the tropics and similar to the dyes used in the creation of denim.

Discover more about Shibori at the Tinctorium at Somerset House


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