Party Season Pieces – Womenswear

The season to be jolly is nearly upon us, and along with preparing yourself for the numerous client events, christmas dinners and increased visits to the pub to catch up with all of your mates, one quandary always remains – what to wear!

Our selected images were picked to help inspire varying levels of glamorousness: understated, power glam and decorative.


The Sequinned Top – A go to for when you are making that transition from work to evening do. Pick larger sequins or versions arranged in stripes to go with a plain trousers or skinny jeans.

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Beaded Top – Big multi sized beads means less need for accessories.



Try a multi textured top for the layered effect.



Ombre draping combined with sequins – instant chic.



Velvet might be too warn in certain places but a loose, light piece will work well with silk or satin.



A suit that’s well tailored but understated will work nicely with a sheen.



Don’t forget to wrap up warm! Feather and fake fur jackets work well for this season.


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