Top 5 Tips to Brand your Apparel and Footwear Successfully

For those of you who are about to embark on a start up, or, if you work for an established brand that is looking to reposition for a new market, strong, identifiable branding will help you achieve increasing sales by allowing your product to stand out from the crowd.

At last year’s ISPO in Munich, approximately 1700 sports brands and their subsidiaries  exhibited at the trade show, whilst Magic, Las Vegas, listed over 2000 lifestyle brands at their show this summer. So whether you are looking to place your brand in the heritage, performancewear or casualwear category, never before has the right logo, style of swing tag, fabric label or packaging been more important to strengthen your brand with an identity and allow your products to remain fixed in the mind of your consumer.

Goose Design have designed numerous branding packages over the years and a handful of factors have always remained true to success. The graphics team have consolidated this into some handy Top 5 Tips to help you get visualising.  Check them out and email/tweet us direct at and @goosedesign with any of your queries or comments!



Ok, this seems pretty obvious, but standing out from the crowd really is important to keep in mind when designing. The only problem is, standing out from the crowd to some might mean thick radioactive green stitching on a pair of conker coloured nubuck brogues. Keep your distinction by doing something new but true to your brand identity.

Lee Cooper Jeans came from the post victorian factories of the East end. Goose ensured that this remained and underlying theme that ran across all their branding.



Understanding your target audience is critical because it will dictate the overall tone and look of your brand. Trying to appeal to everyone and ignoring the brands DNA can be counterproductive. Developing a strategic direction, such as identifying your consumer and their key characteristics, correctly price positioning your products and identifying key competitors will help you determine your target market.



Have your logo designed so that it is consistent and recognisable but flexible enough to be still identifiable despite a new colour palette, a re-working as a digital render or an organic hand drawn illustration. The ‘MTV’ logo is a good example of this .



Make sure your logo and branding can be easily translated into 3D and onto fabrics, embroidery and print when it comes into production. Using multiple gradients, colours and effects could cause your design to lose its impact and make it look messy or cluttered.

nike_magista_designboom_08(Nike Flyknit Football Boot)


Apple paved the way for their innovative products by embracing white, minimalist design in a black, multi-button electronics market.

Enough said.


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