Monthly Archives: December 2014

Natural Fabrics: Camel Hair

With its soft texture and insulating, shape-keeping properties, camel hair is a luxurious fabric that was first brought to the mass market in 1919 by Jaeger with the introduction of their classic camel coat. To protect them from the blazing sun and … Continue reading

The Four Key Components of Successful Brand DNA

    Jenni A, founder of Goose Design, discusses brand DNA – how to define it and how to apply it to the brand and its products to strengthen identity. 1) Heritage Heritage is what a brand is synonymous with – what … Continue reading

Goose’s Argos Uniform Designs Now Worn In Store

  Argos’ new uniform as been rolled out to almost 5000 members of staff as part of their new digital brand identity. Taking into account over a thousand colleague comments, via Yammer, listening groups and questionnaires, Goose worked with the … Continue reading