Goose’s Argos Uniform Designs Now Worn In Store


Argos’ new uniform as been rolled out to almost 5000 members of staff as part of their new digital brand identity.

Taking into account over a thousand colleague comments, via Yammer, listening groups and questionnaires, Goose worked with the management team to design a new uniform that met the teams needs in varying roles as well as providing a smarter and fresher look.

Items, such as the polo shirt, has lightweight fabric on the back for breathability, and hardwearing fabric on the front to protect against wear and tear. Loops on either side of the waist allow for Voicepick wires to be tucked away and trousers were made with extra stretch, adjustable waistbands and belt loops.

For more details, please visit the Home Retail Group page here.

Argos-Uniform-8 Argos-Uniform-24 Argos-Uniform-78



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