Monthly Archives: April 2015

Four Party Leaders Get a Makeover

Having trouble deciding who to vote for on the 7th of May? Yeah. Same here. After much discussion at Goose HQ about the lack of personality and numerous similar or vague policies offered by the four main party leaders, we decided to dress them up … Continue reading

Uniform Design Which Evolves With Your Business

Via Fashion Capital Jenni Arksey, founder of Goose Design London’s leading Apparel consultancy, advises why uniform is evolving and how brands can stay abreast of the developments and maintain a strong corporate image. “There are several stand-out successes I have … Continue reading

5 Key Reasons an Apparel Brand Will Lose Sales

Goose’s managing director, Jenni, provides five key reasons why a brand experiences a reduction in sales.    1 The brand doesn’t know who its customers are   It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to appeal to … Continue reading

Performance is the new Black

We underestimate what our clothes go through daily. Whether commuting to and from work or heading to the bar after office hours to bring in the weekend, your best suit, or any apparel for that matter, will no doubt be … Continue reading