Four Party Leaders Get a Makeover

Having trouble deciding who to vote for on the 7th of May?

Yeah. Same here.

After much discussion at Goose HQ about the lack of personality and numerous similar or vague policies offered by the four main party leaders, we decided to dress them up in some of the latest trends, with a hint of youth culture. This was mainly to see if the now ubiquitous phrase ‘It’s not what you say, It’s how you look’ rings true and if it can help sway us to reach a definitive decision when we head to the polling stations.

Would you trust them to run the country, or a pop up restaurant in east London specialising in fried chicken?

We think the latter.


NICKlrCleggy wears a yellow striped tee with blue cotton shirt and grey mid-length shorts by Goose Design





Nicky wears an asymmetric cut dress with multi-coloured acid smiley print by Goose Design.EDlrEddie wears a vintage leather jacket with red tie-dye tee and purple board shorts by Goose Design



Dave wears a sweatshirt with animal skull print and Henley shorts in baby blue by Goose Design

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