The trend of Athleisure is on the rise and can be argued that it was sparked by the increasing popularity in healthier lifestyles. This is evident in the numerous juice bars and ‘healthier’ lunch outlets such as Abokado and Tossed that have sprung up over recent years. The prevalence in yoga clubs, bicycle commuters, along with runners, also mirrors this trend and naturally is now being reflected in the fashion industry.

The earliest forms of athleisure appeared in the luxury markets to cater for consumers who engaged in sports culture surrounding polo, sailing, rowing, equestrianism. However, in 2005, Stella McCartney for Adidas launched its first collaborative collection, and 10 years on, is now recognized as one of the first ranges that popularized the lifestyle fitness cross-over. These collections made traditional athleticwear trendy and it’s a lifestyle look to some of the world’s prominent celebrities papped in and out of the yoga studios, gyms or tennis courts.

The trend has been adopted over the last couple of seasons and adapted by countless catwalk labels with Alexander Wang being one of the more famous for leading ‘activewear on the catwalk’.  Today we are seeing increased athleisure specific brands like Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty and Lucas Hugh with many traditional fashion brands releasing active based capsule collections to sit along side their core product offerings.

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