‘Seeding Brand Longevity’ Seminar – Outdoor Show, Friedrichschafen

Back in July our CEO, Jenni Arksey, was at Friedrichshafen giving a talk on Brand DNA, called ‘Seeding Brand Longevity’. She discussed the ideals behind Brands that have developed their true personality and long term strategies and how they engage with consumers through product and marketing. This is a particularly hot topic as we are entering into a period where the mid-zone brands [so not entry level such as H&M, price point or luxury] are struggling to get consumers to connect and buy into their brand. They require a strong story and this is not always easy to identify with all the product and marketing campaigns out there.

“Brands are like friends; they will connect with you, know what makes you tick and probably even look like you. If they turned up looking like a completely different person, one day, speaking a different language – you would be deleting them off your facebook page. It’s the same with a brand.” 

Jenni also touched on a formula we have used with several brands who wanted to define their brand DNA. We call this the DNA Synthesis. This is where we blend certain elements of the brand, which could be the heritage, the location, cultural relevance or innovation to identify its core or its essence. From here, we explain where and how these  elements can be applied to product and marketing to produce a strong identity that consumers can read, understand and engage with. O’Neill and Lee Cooper were the two case studies that were discussed that have both have been able to reposition their brand and enable growth [ Lee Cooper has been 20% year on year since 2010 ] and most importantly, both are visible again, standing out in their relevant markets.

Jenni concluded by stating “Your consumers want the genuine article more and more, the real story and they crave uniqueness in a world where everything is morphing together. If you have a story then tell it, sell it and build on it.

It’s about seeding brand longevity through authentic stories rather than short term trends. However, addressing such trends in conjunction with the brands DNA enables product to flow flawlessly from season to season so it becomes recognizable to the consumers – and they will trust in the brand’’

It is something we, at Goose, have seen flourish in those brands who have decided to commit to their own stories.


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