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Francis-Bacon---Figure-in-a-Landscape,-1945-TateFigure in the Landscape 1945 – Francis Bacon

After queuing in an orderly, British manner I managed to get my ticketed time slot for the Tate Sensorium on the second day of the Sensorium exhibition. The exhibition focuses on sensory stimuli and the remarkable way in which the body interacts with this information; Can taste, touch, smell and sound change the way that we see art?

Ticketing is separated into morning and afternoon slots and are released on a first come, first served basis with the morning release at 10am and the afternoon one at 2pm. It’s advisable to get there early (if my experience is anything to go by) as they had allocated all the morning tickets by 10:15am due to the restrictions of just 4 people being allowed in the exhibition every 15 minutes.

I was called into the pitch black exhibition room where four artworks were waiting to be experienced. Each artwork is illuminated and I was invited to step into the installation where different sensory experiences await. The combination of sound, smell, touch and taste draws you into each piece giving you a deeper awareness and emotion than if you were viewing each artwork using sight alone. Without giving away any too much, not all of the sensory stimuli are necessarily pleasant, but it is definitely a unique, interactive way to experience art!

Sadly, the Tate were having some technical difficulties on the day meaning that the wristband devices, which measure your response data to the exhibition, were unavailable to wear. This was a shame, as I would have been very interested to see the visual outcome of my experience. However,the Tate staff assured me that it was just teething problems and the wristbands would be up and running for the rest of the exhibition.

The exhibition runs at The Tate Britain from 26th August to 20th September.

By Laura G

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