The House of St Barnabas’ Art Social, 2015

Goose likes to explore different avenues of culture, society and art to continually inspire the team. This month’s highlight was the Art Social – a week-long event of talks promoting the development of ‘Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs’ – a theoretical model understanding human motivation, management training, and personal development to assist employers to help employees fulfil their own potential. The event was held at The House of St Baranabas, a Soho private members club and charity that helps homeless people back into work. The event ended last weekend with music, flower workshops and art showcases in the private gardens.


I attended talks curated by Paula Lopez Zambrano that showed eight short films which lasted 30 mins each followed with a Q&A with the artists.

The films collectively showcase powerful feelings of belonging and the idealisms of society and communication all of which pull into focus Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs. A favourite was ‘Street Walking’ by Keef Winter. A film that looked at two polar opposite historic festivals: The Orangemen March in Belfast and the Shi’ite men performing rhythmic dances in Bahrain. What was found to be most interesting was the contrast in cultures and the unity festivals can create, the passion that comes from believing in something, and the lengths at which people are willing to go to for cohesiveness. This is particularly demonstrated with the Shi’ites need for a self-flagellation ritual called ‘Tatbeer’ – the beating of ones back with a chain.

A particular highlight was the flower appreciation society class where you could create button hole arrangements plus musician, sound designer and producer, Tony Nwachukwu, held a music workshop. The courtyard served delicious fresh stone baked pizzas where visitor can look at the amazing art that adorns the walls and roof of the House.

The Art Social is an annual event, but for those who missed it this year, it’s still worth a visit to check out gigs, art collection and talks given by actors, musicians, directors and creatives. To support the charity, donations of £100 are suggested with memberships packages starting from £600 annually. Individual talks from being free to £15 for non-members.

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