Every Day Integrated Function – The Brands to Watch

If 2017 was the celebration of ath-leisure, 2018 will see the rise and continuation of function integrated as a fashion/design staple. Why would be want to lose comfort and details that help with the everyday?

Here at Goose we want to highlight the International brands we feel you should keep an eye on for the coming year.

1. EFM

Engineered for motion, the brands hook, lives within the detail and fabric selection. A premium line of multi-functional garments, ‘a do more with less’ motto works for the future trends of 2018.

2. Iffley Road

Being British we like to support the home grown brands, but without being biased we do feel like the simplified classics work for both leisure and sport. Being sold on Mr Porter, the brand originated from running has pieces that work for actively stylish.

3. Outdoor Voices

With the support of menswear titan A.P.C. Outdoor Voices drives a design ethos around active lifestyles. Interesting all over prints and stylised silhouettes offer everyday versatility from street to gym.

4. Pelotari. Project

Design inspired from its Basque roots Pelotari offers sophisticated solutions for the city, offering comfort for travel and work with clever tech solutions in detail and fabrication.

5. Public Rec

One of the successors of Kick Starter. Birthed in 2005 they aim to bring a tailored comfort to ensure the ease of everyday-wear.

6. UAS 

The brain child of big hitters Under Armour and the talented Tim Coppens, UAS has a technical feel with a premium restrained design sophistication.

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