Colmar Brand DNA

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Project Brief

Goose was tasked to define the DNA of Colmar to connect the brand with skiers and outdoor activity based consumers by exporting the heritage and Colmar attitude into multi-functional product collections.

Our aim was to open the Colmar brand to appeal to the global marketplace and to maximise potential sales in a diminishing ski market. We worked with the family run team to produce concepts with a more focused identity that would attract the international ski and outdoor active markets whilst retaining Colmar’s credible Italian roots.

We also looked in to leveraging the brand position into the mid to high price point bracket so as not to compete with the current highly competitive entry level market.

Goose also generated marketing concepts and explored the utilisation of multi-channel social media touch points that engage and communicate with the younger consumer who is either a ‘freeskier’ or has the attitude of this target audience – an important factor to engage potential future generations of Colmar.