The Fédération Internationale de Football Association – or more commonly known as FIFA is the international governing body of association football, located in Zurich,Switzerland. Founded in 1904 FIFA is responsible for the organisation and governing of football’s major international tournaments, including the FIFA World Cup held since 1930. Nineteen editions of the FIFA World Cup have been held as of 2011.

We got very excited when we were asked to work on the apparel and accessories collections for the new FIFA stores and wholesale division worldwide. The depth of FIFA’s heritage allowed us to create new lifestyle product that had a truly authentic feel and the FIFA World Cup IP has allowed us to reference classic football icons such as Mexico 70 and the Italia 90 logos.

We worked with the team to develop the strategic direction, category style guides and line plans. We worked closely with suppliers in Europe and the Far East. We developed collections that looked into the history of the FIFA World Cup Football as well as looking towards the future with collections such as Code that are related deep into Street Football. Overall the depth of the football culture associated with FIFA provides a great platform for Design inspiration.