FIFA Event SS10

Project Brief

As the Spring Summer 2010 FIFA collections would co-inside with the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup, each category had its own flavour to celebrate the competition, with the events category being the central point of the party. The men’s and women’s apparel collection was inspired by the experience of a bright, colourful, energetic and dynamic visuals of ┬áthe South African championship football match.

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FIFA Branding

Goose were asked to develop the branding strategy for FIFA and designed the label system that covers all the category areas, including Contemporary, Heritage and Event. We worked closely with suppliers in Europe and the Far East.

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FIFA Code AW10

Following through from the last few seasons Goose were asked to continue their design input for the FIFA categories. The “Code” collection this season takes inspiration from the environment in which the street football games take place. Jumpers for goalposts are replaced with technical contemporary, glow in the dark jackets. The graphics reference the street signs and urban graphic language. Colours include neon bright highlights.