Glou Eighty5

Project Brief

Following the launch of Glou’s Youth Brand Strategy, Goose were asked to design the EightyFive Spring Summer 2010 collection to develop the brand DNA. Looking at current market trends, Goose created a line of apparel, including tee shirts and shorts with bold, latin inspired, colourful graphics to attract new youth consumers.

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Glou Eighty5 Branding

To create a new brand for Glou we first had to define an identity, a brand name a brand logo and branding concept.

Piraeus is the home of the Glou family and the birthplace of Akis and George Glou. Piraeus has a long history dating back to Ancient Greece. It was the port of Classical Athens and the chief harbour of Ancient Greece. It was named “Porto Leone” (Lions Port) after the marble lion in Piraeus. The lion is a classic symbol of strength. Representing power, courage, authority, wisdom, dignity, leadership and honour.

The lion concept was developed into an icon designed as a mythical creature reflecting the ancient Greek culture and heritage. This creature was developed as a two headed animal to reflect the two personalities of the Glou Brothers. This was combined with the eighty5 name to create a contemporary brand name and identity.