Hurley AW05

Project Brief

Our friends in Costa Mesa called on us again to give them the cold weather gear they never have to worry about in Cali.

We created a range of outerwear, knits and shirts combining our idiosyncratic understanding of the European teen rebel and their brand defining graphics.
They rock, we rock, Mr.Trebus rocks!

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Hurley SS05

Preppy Punk was the direction for Hurley SS05 and Goose Design took the original punk style referenced and lifted from a wide variety of cultures- Edwardian through Teddy Boys, Workwear, Bikers and Military. Familiar styles were taken out of context to provide strong aesthetic statement through colour and graphics and classic preppy colours were given the edge with neon brights.

Goose created an Illustrative document as part of a Sales Tool for the Spring Summer 2005 Collection.

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Hurley AW04

Hurley Autumn Winter 2004 takes inspiration from the glory of the Mod culture with specific reference to the Parka. The culture that surrounds this makes a symbolic reference to military visuals such as arrows and targets, camouflage becomes animal prints, and iconic symbols such as skulls. The attitude is anti-establishment. The sharper side of the Mod culture gives reference to tailoring details and fine fabrics such as tweeds and checks.