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Project Brief

To support the development and extension of Lee Cooper footwear we have created a full package of footwear branding and packaging. This includes designs and concepts for the Lee Cooper Originals core collection, The Lee Cooper mainline collection & the RDLC premium collection.

The inspiration for the packaging is taken from the apparel branding concepts and the heritage and history of the Lee Cooper brand.

Each package consists of a full range of branding options to suit an extensive variety of styles, from sports inspired casual styles through to formalwear. The branding details are designed for uppers, outsoles as well as internal and external details. In addition there is a full range of shoeboxes, which complement the branding and create a strong visual impact for the footwear.


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Lee Cooper Swimwear Branding

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  • Swimwear Labels

  • Swimwear Labels

To extend the lifestyle offer and create a global uniformity. Goose were tasked to create a swimwear branding package for both Men’s and Women’s swimwear. In addition branding guidelines that were created to ensure that the Lee Cooper global licensee partners would use the branding consistently.